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The local newspaper has a Good Week/Bad Week section on weekends. This week, well, it went something like this:

Good Week For:
1. Albus Dumbledore - Rowling let him out of the closet.


Now I need some Grindlewald/Dumbledore slash...

There's this old saying about boredom breeding creativity. Very much a cliche, but that's the thing about cliches - a lot of them are true. This one feels especially true, lately.

I used to have loads and loads of time on my hands, to write and read and participate in discussions of this and that. I don't seem to have it anymore. I usually work 12 hours a day, and when they're done I have a 50 minutes bus ride before I get home. (on a good, traffic-less day, that is...) Which usually means I barely have time or strength for dinner and a shower before I fall asleep. I barely even see my RL friends, anymore.

And while I'm at the office – everything is so hectic, my day is so full, that when I finally do get enough time to write(usually only 20 minutes of the day, or so), I can't seem to get anything out at all. I think there are ways around this, but I don't even know where to start.

I've been off work for a few days now, due to Sukkot, and today I finally wrote something. It's an abrupt, untitled PWP, and is unrelated to anything I've written before. It could be a sign of my returning muse, or it could be its last dying breath. Who knows.

Anyhow – extremely short, senseless H/D PWP, with voyeour!Snape to make things weird. No beta, so all those stupid mistakes you see? They're mine.

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*flails* All Jack Sparrow/PotC fans must go see this right now!! *dies laughing*


My brother and I have been swapping DH between us, each reading a chapter per turn so we don't spoil each other by mistake. The bright side was that we got to discuss each chapter separately, instead of the book as a whole, like last time. A somewhat unpleasant side-effect, though, meant that it took me a whole month to get through to the epilogue.

I hate to start with this bit, but seriously, did anyone else feel like they'd stumbled into fic-land by accident? I mean, Snape being hopelessly in love with Lily is so fanon, Remus' completely OOC abandonment of his pregnant wife and the way Harry treated him for it were all just... skewed.

That said, I really, really loved this book(with one HUGE exception - the epilogue. OMGWTFJKR?! More on that later). I loved the trio's hopeless, aimless, clueless search for the Horcruxes, especially Ron's defection and return, and Harry and Hermione's attitudes while he was gone - it showed, quite clearly, that he is a much more vital part to this three-way relationship than he gives himself credit for. I loved that this relationship was strong enough to overcome that, and I absolutely adored the Ron/Hermione interaction, throughout the book. And their KISS was perfect. JK actually can portray a convincingly romantic relationship, so I'm not sure why H/G felt so artificial in comparison.

This book just made me wince and shudder and cry so many, many times. It began with poor Hedwig, and Hagrid's sudden plunge off the motorcycle - I was so sure he was dead I was sobbing. Nearly all the deaths felt as sharp - especially Fred's. I cried over that for a very long time.
Remus' death left me kind of numb - I felt that he deserved so much more than dying in some off-screen exchange. After he died, though - he was predictably back with his friends(*cough*with Sirius*cough*), instead of with his wife... "I made a grave mistake in marrying Tonks", indeed.

My love for Harry, in spite(or maybe because...) of all his flaws, grew beyond all proper proportion in this book. The way he hung on to his quest as tightly as possible, even faced with other, more enticing possibilities. The way he dealt with constantly nagging doubts in Dumbledore's motives, and was constantly tempted by the seemingly simpler solution the Hallows presented. The fact that he loves his friends - from Ron and Hermione and the Weasleys to Luna and Neville and everybody else - so fiercely. And right before the end, where he knows with absolute certainty that he's facing his death, that he must die, that he was born to die, and walked right into it anyway - well. My love for him is endless.

Speaking of... Neville! Did you see Neville? Finally showing his true strength, his loyalty and bravery and sense of duty, finally showing just how much he deserves to be placed in Gryffindor. Dumbledore's Army - Still Recruiting! *cheers* Neville rulezz!!

Luna was lovely. Where Luna is concerned, I am constantly torn between pity and love and hilarity. This book was no different. *sigh*

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More on that later, once I finish reading the book a second time - sans Epilogue, most likely:)

Birthday post - what did I do yesterday?

  • Took a day off work(duh, like I need to be in the office on the only day of the year I'm absolutely guaranteed to cry my eyes out)
  • Despite said day off, did not manage to write today, because all the computers in the house had to be rewired, or somesuch.
  • Did not go on birthday shopping because my dad is moving his office into the house and we all had to help move it.
  • Broke the promise I made to myself not to cry, this year, which is no news, because I make it and break it every year.
  • Managed to pity myself to new extremes, and then mocked said self-pitying.
  • Got a texted happy birthday wish from someone I don't know.
  • Got all mushy and happy for about ten minutes, when my five year old cousin called to wish me a happy birthday.

All in all, I think it went by peacefully. So that's good:)
I think I'm going to go shopping now, just to make myself feel better.

*points* Go! Now!

Absolutely everyone should go and read dacro's Rehabilitation right this minute! It's Azkaban!fic(sorta), and has a chilling, gripping sort of air that sucks you in like a fucking vacuum and doesn't let go. And I adore this fic, because really, any fic that can leave me both feeling sorry and achy for Harry's predicament, and chilled to the bone, and eager for more at the same time, has GOT to be brilliant.

Go! Right now!

Yeah-ah. I'm gonna go to bed even though, having had four espressos and three cappucinos today, I'm not feeling all that tired. I'm also probably going to dream one of my weird HP dreams tonight, so yay:)


Random update:)

I'm somewhat proud of myself, today. I ran to the bathroom after I had a fight with one of my coworkers, and I was sure I was about to cry again. But then I actually said to myself - wtf? I shouldn't cry when someone behaves like an insensitive idiot! And so I didn't cry. See? Progress! *is all proud now*

We finally got an espresso machine for the office. Now we don't have to run off and buy the boss' guests espressos or cappucinos or whatever in the cafeteria downstairs. They also brought us coffee bags in several flavours. Naturally, Rima and I spent almost the entire day trying out all nine flavours, including one very unsatisfying decaf. Can you guess how hyper I am just now? *g*

I am so hyper that this made me cry with laughter:
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Told you:)
It's been established - I am a lousy judge of character.

God, I hate this. Where's my comfort blanket? *fishes drawer for Buffy DVDs*

Morbid feeling = morbid fic

Title: Glass
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Just a morbid snippet on Remus and Tonks. The first gift she ever gave him was a glass moon.
Pairing: Remus/Tonks, "implied" Remus/Sirius
A/N: Sequel to "If You Wanted Honesty", written for prompt #96 - Writer's Choice on slash_100 and the prompt "glass moon" on 7spells.

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So I've been reading some discussions about the next book, and every time it's abbreviated into DH it makes me pause for a second and wonder how the hell Draco/Harry is related to the topic, and then the penny drops. Gah.

One-track mind, much? Does anyone else have this problem? *g*

Also, absolutely everyone should go watch this Bellatrix vid by KarliMeaghan. Absolutely awesome!

More later:)